The simple way to induct employees and contractors

Just hired a new employee or starting a new contractor? Now you can have them complete their basic induction before arriving for the first day of work.

A key mandatory responsibility today is providing induction training for new employees to cover off WHS and other compliance requirements.

But administration of this basic induction training for new staff and contractors is a huge drain on resources and ties up your key people.

Instead of teaching people how to do their job you find yourself running induction classrooms and face-to-face training, maintaining all that paper based material, and trying to keep up with legislative changes and workforce laws.

It is even worse if you have multiple locations to keep track of.

How would you like to dramatically cut the costs of current inductions and deliver induction training in a way that suits the learner? Imagine the time you could claim back if your inductions were automated.

Doesn’t it makes sense to have a flexible and simple-to-run training and induction system – that is easily adapted to suit the needs of any organisation?

InductPro are reinventing safety inductions by delivering specific compliance training to the phone or laptop of the new hire or contractor. our solution gives your employees or contractors the ability to be inducted prior to arriving at a work site.

We have purposely designed InductPro to easily adapt for different organisations. Our modules cater for an individual’s unique learning style by delivering the content using words, images, movies, audio and graphics in a self-paced environment. All modules include competency-based assessment to confirm that the learner understands the content. We can also upload your existing content.

This provides an end-to-end induction training program to meet your employee and contractor induction requirements that can be managed by one person. All trainee activities are managed on a secure administration portal making your training and induction program easy to monitor.

Our hosted solution means you have nothing to install and you won't need your IT department to help you with the setup. Building your own training system from the ground up will be a time consuming and costly process. All you need is a web browser and an Internet connection to run your entire online training program.

Your Course or Ours

  • Chose from our library of courses that comply with the most up to date legislation and standards
  • Convert your present paper-based material into an online presentation.
  • Upload your company statements, cultural values, procedure and policies, etc.
  • Create multiple choice questions and answers to assess an inductees' knowledge.
  • Educate employees or contractors with interactive information through text, photos, audio or video and assess their understanding of the information presented.

Easy to Administer

  • Inductee details, test results, history of inductions, certificates and individual status reminders are all displayed on one screen.
  • Search by induction category, inductee name or company name
  • Manage and administer learners by status: completed, expired or due for renewal
  • Update, add or delete inductees as you wish
  • Update, add more slides or delete old ones as you wish

It is all Online

  • Inductees can login from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Inductions will be presented to the inductee.
  • Certificates are automatically generated on successful completion of induction.
  • Inductees can review and update their details anytime